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What Do Employees Really Care About? Take A Peek In This New Video

What do employees really care about? Take a peek in this new video

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, employee experience has taken center stage. Companies are only as good as their people. 

The employee landscape continues to evolve with – backgrounds, needs, wants, goals, motivations, skills – being more varied in the workplace today than ever before. For the first time, we have five generations in the workforce. Millennials and Gen Z, that are more tech-savvy, value experiences over “things.” Empty-nesters with their newfound freedom are keen to explore new work possibilities. Open talent markets are driving the growth of highly skilled talent from new and expanding markets such as East and South Asia as well as Eastern Europe. 

For CHROs and their HR teams, this growing and complex talent marketplace creates new challenges – and opportunities. The war for talent is fierce, due in no small part to historically low unemployment levels in the US and Europe. In fact, a PwC talent survey reported that 72% of CEOs worry about talent and the availability of critical skills. In hot local markets like San Francisco, London, and other major hubs, it’s no small task to attract and retain the right people. This need for top talent is compounded by the fact that an estimated 120 million workers will need reskilling in the next three years due to automation. With all this in play, companies that embrace a global talent strategy centered on employee experience and a culture of diversity and inclusion, will have a competitive edge. 

At Topia, we’re honored to partner with forward-thinking organizations worldwide. Our industry-leading Global Talent Mobility platform delivers on our vision of a world where companies and individuals can work everywhere. Hope you enjoy our new brand video.

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