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Topia Go

Command Center and Location Discovery for Mobile Employees

Empower Employees Throughout the Global Talent Mobility Journey

Eliminate the stress for employees and their families, with a single view into the relocation process supported by uniquely configured tasks, centralized logistics details, a single document repository, and tailored destination information.


Delight Employees on the Move

Peace of Mind for Employees

Paint a clear picture of life in a new destination, and provide easy access to all the details on benefits and tasks.

Secure and Efficient Communications

Keep all communication, information, and documents in a single, secure system reducing the risk of PII exposure.

Maximum Employee Empowerment

Keep employees engaged and enable them to spend less time focusing on their relocation/assignment.

“Choosing Topia has been a great decision for Criteo! We have access to more data than ever before – we have visibility into every live move and are more responsive partners to our business. Having access to Topia Go has significantly improved our employees’ experience.”

Cynthia Callatin-Saar, Global Mobility Manager,  Criteo

Engaged Employees and HR Teams

Provide clear explanations of employee benefits, with personalized tools and information. The result is engaged employees and the company’s ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent.

Key Features

Configurable Tasks

Establish predefined sets of tasks employees must complete based on destination and policy type, including ability to create ad-hoc tasks on the fly.

Office Pages

Create office pages for every global office with necessary information for new employees.

City Guides and Neighborhood Explorer

Combine custom curated content with thousands of live data points delivering an interactive way to learn about an employee’s new home.

Document Upload and Storage

Securely upload and share necessary documentation such as passports, visas, and other critical information.

Expense Upload and Management

Submit receipts and expenses for reimbursement, as well as track any relocation budget items.

Move Timeline

A visual representation of the steps and due dates surrounding the employee move that updates in real-time as actions are taken or services are booked.

All the Important Details in One Place

Mobile employees typically have a lot of information to stay on top of. We’ve made tracking this information a little easier with features like Key Links in Topia Go. These links can connect to other important providers or customer internal sites, and the links are broken down into organized sections with descriptors for each link. Employees can also easily view their mobility benefits, manage expenses, and keep on top of all their tasks.

Efficiently Support Mobile Employees

Topia Go provides the relevant information and a great user experience to employees at their fingertips. The result for HR is reduced phone calls and emails to support employees on assignment or relocation. This ensures smoother moves and higher satisfaction.

Explore a City Guide Try the Neighborhood Explorer

The Topia Suite of Products


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Talent mobility dashboard with automation


Payroll delivery and compensation reporting


Consumer-grade employee mobility tools


Remote work and business travel compliance

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