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Topia Pay

Payroll Delivery and Compliance Automation

Increase Global Payroll Efficiency and Compliance

Integrated technology provides accurate, detailed cross-border payroll instructions and compensation reporting while simplifying the complexities of processing payroll and reconciling compensation for mobile employees, wherever they are.


Simplify Global Payroll

Streamline Global Payroll Delivery

Automate payroll processes with technology and support it with optional add-on payroll services.

Up-to-date Employee Compensation

Capture expenses paid by service and tax providers or local entities resulting in complete visibility into total compensation by assignee, business unit, or program.

Easy Integration With Global Payroll Providers

Connect to payroll systems, delivering compensation data via automated feed or file transfer.

“I love the support I receive from my Topia Payroll team! They go out of their way to make us feel comfortable with the solution.  They get on issues right away and thoughtfully respond in a way that ensures I’m well informed.”

Farah Sahajad, International Human Resources, Superior Energy Services, Inc

Automate Payroll and Compensation Processes

Highly-configurable technology, with sophisticated logic and automation, for payroll and compensation. The result is instant processing with far greater accuracy than performing manually.

Key Features

Workflows and Automation

Create efficiency and compliance by ensuring all necessary steps and actions are completed before moving to the next step.

Payroll Calculations

Support multi-frequency, multi-currency, split pay, off-cycle calculations, and instructions.

Integrate Pay Codes and Logic

Configure the platform with unique pay codes for seamless integration and data consistency.

Complete Reporting

Leverage automated feeds to consolidate and report on all payments, including cash and benefits in kind.

Payroll Provider Integrations

Deliver payroll instructions to global providers and systems such as ADP or SAP automatically via an API or flat file transfer.

Optional Service Support

Leverage Topia’s Payroll and Financial Services team to deliver global payroll, expense, accrual, and finance management.

Topia Pay Core Use Cases

  • Deliver payroll instructions to finance teams, including split payroll
  • Provide net payroll and payroll filing for US touching employees
  • Automate compensation collection 
  • Generate shadow payroll
  • Calculate assignment salary adjustments

The Topia Suite of Products


Scenario planning for your mobile workforce


Talent mobility dashboard with automation


Payroll delivery and compensation reporting


Consumer-grade employee mobility tools


Remote work and business travel compliance

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