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Topia’s Remote Work Solution

Make Remote Work a Key Part of Your Talent Strategy

Ensure you can attract and retain top talent by offering flexible work policies employees are looking for. Topia makes it easy to adopt remote work policies employees want without risking compliance headaches or mountains of manual work.

Enable Remote Work Management at Scale

Automate the exploration, request, review, approval, and ongoing management of remote workers while ensuring your employees and business remain compliant with local regulations.

Topia streamlines remote work management with configurable workflows, automated risk assessments, and more.


Offer the modern workforce approaches employees are looking for with the industry’s first end-to-end solution for remote work that puts the employee at the center.

Do More with Less

Built-in logic and configurable thresholds automate the remote work request process, making it scalable and consistent and preventing mountains of work for HR and mobility teams.

Industry-Leading Compliance

Protect against unforeseen fines, penalties, or reputational damage by ensuring remote work occurs within pre-defined risk tolerances and the ability to monitor employee working location.

Holistic View of Global Talent

Topia provides the only complete solution to manage all types of globally mobile employees from remote work to business travel to assignments and relocations.

What’s Included

Topia delivers the tools and technology you need to offer a true remote work program that is easy to manage, provides great experiences for employees, and keeps everyone compliant.

Exploration Portal

Guide employees to a “yes” by showing remote work options available to them based on their legal status, company footprint, and workforce policies

Request Tool

A single place for employees to submit remote work requests, with all requests created in Topia One for centralized management

Risk Assessments

Requests are assessed against policy and local regulations to surface compliance implications of requested remote work, automatically

Dashboards & Analytics

Access intuitive dashboards and reports with key information about your remote and distributed workforce.

Workflows & Checklists

Automated workflows and tasks necessary to review, approve, and route remote work requests with minimal effort and no email chasing required

Mobile Employee Tools

Tasks, timelines, document upload, interactive City Guides, and more provide a supported and connected remote work experience

Document Management

Automatically create approval letters and store all documents required to work remotely in a single place

Self-Service Tools

Configuration, Vendor, and Policy hubs for easy program updates and self-service controls

Compliance Management

An optional add-on that allows HR and Mobility teams to ensure employees are working only where they’re approved to work

“Remote work is an increasingly important part of a modern talent and business strategy moving forward. Having the right technology in place to manage this process is key to providing a great experience for remote employees and HR teams. Topia’s remote work offering provides an employee-centric solution that brings remote work into the fold of global talent mobility and strategy.

Pete Tiliakos, Director & Principal Analyst,  ISG

Don’t Try to Run Your Remote Work Program on Spreadsheets

Remote Work Without the Extra Work

Leverage configurable logic and automation to streamline the remote work request process, including downstream services where necessary, so that HR and Mobility teams aren’t burdened with new work.

Better Experiences for Employees

Provide agency to employees to find appropriate remote options without needing to go through HR gatekeeping, in turn helping with employee engagement, retention, and attraction.

Understand the Impact of Remote Work

Access reporting and important insights to understand the impact of remote work on your broader business and team effectiveness.

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Topia’s immigration risk management solution combines the ability to automate and streamline immigration processes with a comprehensive Global Immigration Library of up-to-date domestic and global immigration information, news, policies, and country overviews provided by immigration experts. Gain access to immigration information you can trust without over-reliance on costly service providers and use technology to simplify immigration tasks for your staff while remaining compliant.

Get Started Today!

Submit the adjacent form to speak to a Topia team member to schedule your no obligation demo of Topia’s Remote Work Solution and see how your organization can benefit from:

  • Remote work exploration that guides employees to a “yes”
  • A single tool to manage all remote work requests
  • Automation and workflows to streamline request reviewal and approval
  • Modern tools that support remote employees throughout the process
  • A solution that is configurable to your unique policies

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