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Topia Plan

Interactive Move Simulation and Financial Planning

Support Agile Talent Planning Across Your Business

With unlimited revisions and scenarios, easily understand the cost and implications to different approaches to filling roles – whether it’s an assignment, permanent transfer, business traveler, or local hire – so you can rapidly respond to changing business needs.


Take the Guesswork out of Planning

Instant Insight for Key Stakeholders

Dramatically decrease the time from inquiry to decision with automated calculations and self-service access.

More Than Just a Cost Estimate

Compare destination, employee profile, and policy scenarios side-by-side to determine the right choice for your talent needs.

Eliminate Budgeting Surprises

Instant and accurate calculations, estimates, and balance sheets give you the true cost of every mobile employee.

“Topia’s technology has allowed us to automate complex global mobility processes and improve the level of self-service we can offer to our business. We have transformed the way that we work and are more efficient in delivering better services for our HR partners.”

Olga Kravchenko, Global Head of International Mobility and CEMI, AXA

Improve HR Efficiency & Insight into the Business

Cost Estimates and key calculations are built into automated pre-authorization workflows, allowing them to be run, edited, re-run, and shared for approval instantly. The result is better-informed business decisions without the hassle or delay of the traditional manual or outsourced approaches.

Key Features

Cost Estimates & Balance Sheets

Instantly generate accurate cost estimates and balance sheets for every instance of employee mobility, eliminating budget surprises and enabling you to compare estimates to actual comparisons.

Version and Approval Tracking

Save and compare estimate and balance sheet versions to see the impact of changes, then automate the approval process with built-in notifications and tracking for key stakeholders.

Built-in Mobility Calculations

Bring mobility calculations in-house and leverage technology to perform key remuneration and compensation calculations, assignment salary adjustments, deferred compensation.

Unlimited Revisions and Calculations

Generate and compare as many scenarios as necessary to ensure the right talent decisions to accomplish strategic business objectives.

Advanced Tax Engine

Leverage the industry leading tax engine supporting logic for hundreds of countries and territories and enabling hypo-tax to be included in every estimate generated.

Configured Policies, Pay Codes & Data

Support all preferred policy types, pay codes, COLA, and supplier rate data – from third party data providers or Topia’s out of the box rates.

Side-by-side Simulations

Compare up to three talent mobility scenarios side by side – including different candidates, policies, locations, start dates, durations, etc. – and visualize the difference in cost between the three scenarios with line item level detail as well. This can be done outside of the initiation process, making it easy to explore the right way to deploy talent.

Comp Worksheets

Our compensation worksheets deliver the industry gold standard to support mobility teams in navigating the complex world of global mobility compensation. Calculating elements of compensation, explaining proposals to the business for approval, and, most importantly, explaining to and reassuring employees using a modern, intuitive and engaging user experience.

Enable Real-Time Budgeting Across the Employee Journey

Topia Plan leverages current assignment bonuses, salaries, and allowances to maintain up-to-date budgets for every mobile employee, stored with their unique record on the Topia Platform. Run updates as needed or on a predetermined schedule.

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