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Topia Compass

Remote Work and Business Travel Compliance Management

topia compass

Reduce Compliance Gaps and Unexpected Tax Events by Knowing Where Your Employees Are Working

Automated location technology pulls from multiple data sources to identify risk exposures – improving compliance, streamlining processes, and saving money. Topia Compass was formerly known as Monaeo Enterprise Edition.


Use Employee Location Data to Eliminate Risk and Reduce Costs

Stop Problems Before they Occur

Avoid accidental Permanent Establishment and immigration compliance risk by proactively monitoring day counts and driving alerts before you have a problem.

Save Time and Money

Avoid overpaying on corporate taxes by not knowing when your employees are working in lower-tax jurisdictions. And eliminate costly and error prone manual data gathering exercises.

Protect Your Employees

Stay on top of developing global situations – when health pandemics, political unrest or natural disasters occur – you need to jump into action and must know where your employees are.

“It was super enlightening to see, once we had the tools and processes in place, not just the volume, but the breadth of where the travel was coming from and where it was going.”

Lynn Johnson Tracy, Director of Global Mobility and Equity Programs,  Infor

Topia Compass Solves Key Challenges for Your Business Travel and Remote Workforce

Employee Footprint & Travel Activity

Gain visibility into your employee’s physical footprint & travel activity at a jurisdictional level to enable early compliance notifications while balancing privacy needs.

Payroll Withholding

Easily calculate non-resident payroll withholding apportionment across US state (domestic withholding) or country lines (international withholding) based on where employees are working and seamlessly deliver required data to your payroll processor.

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Permanent Establishment

Manage PE and OECD BEPS risk globally by receiving early visibility into which employees are performing work that may create nexus in a given location.

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Jurisdiction Time Monitoring

Track working days in and out of city or local jurisdiction in order to optimize and comply with local tax laws as remote work becomes commonplace.

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Pre-Travel Assessments

Manage immigration, tax, social security and labor law risks before your employees travel. Automatically identify trips, assess risks and initiate downstream compliance services.

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Schengen Compliance

Track travel days across Schengen area countries to ensure UK-based employee stay compliant with travel post-Brexit. Also supports managing compliance for non-EU global organizations with remote work and travel in the Schengen area.

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Key Features


Configurable rules and limits accurately reflect company policies including defined tax rules and de minimis thresholds.

Active Alerts

Active alerts warn of growing risks before limits are reached, avoiding taxable events.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate with global payroll processor for automated multijurisdiction withholdings

Complete Reporting

Instantly accessible reports provide the data needed for internal auditors or tax authorities.

Dashboard and Analytics

Travel dashboards provide global footprint at a glance with powerful analytics to identify “accidental expats,” and other risks.

Web and Mobile Apps

Employees can leverage Topia Compass via smartphone and web app.

Technology that Helps Every Department

For Global Mobility

A mobile workforce creates risk. Topia Compass gives you data and tools to take care of your business travelers and your company.

Key Deliverables

  • Dashboards show global employee travel patterns in real-time.
  • Powerful analytics identify “accidental expats” and other risks.
  • Early alerts warn as employees approach limits.
  • Reports give you the data you need for internal auditors or tax authorities.
  • Web and mobile apps for mobile employees.

For Tax and Finance

Business travel creates PE and nexus exposures. Topia Compass reduces compliance gaps and protects against audits.

Key Deliverables

  • Manage PE/nexus and corporate tax apportionment.
  • Customizable rules and limits to reflect your company’s policies.
  • Dashboards show your travel footprint at a glance.
  • Analytics and reports give you the data you need.
  • Alerts warn you of growing risks before limits are reached.

For Payroll

Multi-jurisdiction payroll withholding can be time-consuming and painful. Save the headache with Topia Compass.

Key Deliverables

  • Automate your multi-jurisdiction withholding.
  • Flexible controls let you define tax rules and de minimis thresholds.
  • Allocate payroll accurately every pay cycle.
  • Seamless integration with your payroll processor.

For Mobile Employees

Eliminate the manual burden of reconstructing travel calendars and self-reporting while protecting against unforeseen tax liability.

Key Deliverables

  • Web and mobile app to easily manage and approve travel calendars.
  • Access for administrative assistants.
  • Create a verifiable audit trail.
  • Seamless integration with your payroll processor.

The Topia Suite of Products


Scenario planning for your mobile workforce


Talent mobility dashboard with automation


Payroll delivery and compensation reporting


Consumer-grade employee mobility tools


Remote work and business travel compliance

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