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Leading Asset Managers are Saving $Millions On City Taxes

The tax implications on where employees are working can be significant, with more employees working outside of large cities you could unintentionally be overpaying city taxes. Our Asset Management customers are saving between $250k – $4m+ on city taxes per year and you could be too!

Major cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles have local taxes that apply based on where work is happening. Use Topia Compass to know where work is happening every day, drive significant savings by avoiding tax overpayments, and have an audit-ready data trail to defend and win in the case of an audit.

The Topia Advantage

With Topia, you have the potential to eliminate significant tax overpayments, while avoiding lengthy and costly audits by providing high-accuracy and audit-ready data.

Optimize Your Tax Footprint

Understand your real-time employee footprint to avoid overpaying costly city-specific taxes

Audit Defensible Data

Data at your fingertips for greater credibility and effectiveness in the case of audits

Employee Privacy by Design

Bank-grade security and jurisdictional level data roll-up ensure employee privacy  while enabling tax optimization and audit defense

Trusted by Top Asset Managers

Nearly half of the top 20 Hedge Funds (combined AUM of $180B+) trust Topia to help avoid overpaying local taxes

What Can You Save Across the US?

*Estimates vary depending on a number of contributing factors

San Francisco GRT

Revenue = $60M
GRT payable (0.78%) = $468,000
Homelessness Tax payable (0.69%) = $414,000
Total SF City Tax Liability Pre-Topia = $882,000
Employee days worked outside of SF City = 50%

Outcomes Post-Topia:
Tax Overpayment Avoided = $441,000

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New York UBT:

Taxable Income = $10 million
UBT at 4% = $400,000
Employees days worked outside of NYC = 57%

Outcomes Post-Topia:
Tax Overpayment Avoided = $225,000

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Seattle Jump Start Tax

50 Employees at $150K compensation
Payroll Expense= $7.5M/Year
JumpStart Tax Pre-Topia= $525,650
25 employees work outside Seattle 50% of time

Outcomes Post Topia:
Tax Overpayment Avoided =$262,500

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See How Other Firms Use Topia

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Join the Leading Asset Management Companies and Save Money

Do you have employees working remotely spending more and more time outside of city limits? Talk to our team to find out if you could be saving!

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