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Our Mission

We break down barriers between people and places so companies and individuals can work everywhere.

In today’s increasingly interconnected global economy, Topia provides the Global Talent Mobility platform that empowers HR teams to effectively deploy, manage and engage employees across the world. We enable businesses to deliver mobility as part of a broader talent strategy and encompassing all types of employee movement – remote and distributed workforces, business travel, and more traditional relocations and assignments – with a focus on enhanced employee experiences.

Our Story

In 2010 Topia founder Brynne Kennedy had just moved to London from South East Asia. After a string of challenging relocation experiences she knew there had to be a better way for companies to move employees around the world. In 2012 she partnered with co-founder Steve Black to transform the way companies deploy and manage their mobile workforce. The result is Topia.

With over $100M in venture funding, Topia delivers the leading Global Talent Mobility platform powering some of the world’s largest brands. Topia is the coming together of four companies – MOVE Guides, Teleport, Polaris, and Monaeo – each of which were tackling a specific aspect of the complexities involved in helping organizations and their people with Global Talent Mobility in the new world of work. With their combined expertise and solutions the unified Topia platform was born.

Our Values

Be Global Citizens

We think above borders, embrace diversity in perspective from our many nationalities, and provide a positive impact by giving back to our global community.

Make Bold Bets

We solve big problems for our customers by making educated bets with imperfect information to deliver meaningful value and outcomes.

Learn Relentlessly

We embrace candor, debate passionately, and use deep intellectual curiosity and creativity to design the best solutions for our market, customers, and company.

Collaborate Radically

We win and lose together as one team, with the highest levels of authenticity and empathy for each other as Topians and humans.

Never Ever Give Up

We operate with grit and resolve, and embrace every stage and every day of our journey with passion, smiles, and laughter. We know that tenacity is the foundation of progress.

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