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On-Demand Cost Estimate Tool

Save Time & Money On Cost Estimates

Topia’s technology allows you to quickly and easily generate highly accurate cost estimates at a fraction of the price of outsourcing this work to third party service providers or consultancy firms.

On-Demand Cost Estimates

An Intuitive, Flexible, & Configurable Tool

Reduce Spend

Save up to 80% compared to other on-demand tools, but maintain high accuracy on par with external tax providers.


Immediate Insights

Run cost estimates and simulations how and when you want and start using the data to drive better decisions straight away.

Unlimited Adjustments

Your whole team can adjust and recalculate as many times as you want at no extra cost, enhancing flexibility and collaboration.

Why Technology for Cost Estimates?

Enable Better & Faster Decision-Making

Our cost estimate technology aids agile talent planning by allowing you to run projections on various mobile workforce scenarios – whether this relates to assignments, transfers, travel, or local hiring. Gain quick insights and reduce the time it takes to produce cost estimates from days or weeks to seconds and minutes.

Scope Projects More Effectively

If your organization wants to explore different options related to – for instance – staffing a new office location or implementing a new policy, you can start with our side-by-side cost projections to quickly assess the right way forward. You can compare up to three projections at a time and get useful data on the most cost-effective option in seconds.

Run Cost Estimates Flexibly & At Scale

Once you know your overall approach, you can use our tool to get an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to send staff members to the new location. The tool gives you everything you need out-of-the-box with rates, cost calculations and Topia’s proprietary tax engine. Our solution is flexible and configurable, allowing you to manage rates, outputs, tax settings and more.

Cost Estimate Bundles

Each estimate has unlimited users, adjustments and access to plug in your own rates, policies, and tax settings.


Up to 60 cost estimates annually.


Up to 120 cost estimates annually.


Up to 180 cost estimates annually.


Unlimited cost estimates annually.

Get Started Today

Submit the adjacent form to speak to a Topia team member to schedule your demo of our On-Demand Cost Estimate Tool and see how your organization can benefit.

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