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A Workforce Solution that puts the “Global” in Global Talent Strategy

Topia provides a unified Global Talent Mobility platform that enables companies to effectively deploy, manage, and engage employees anywhere in the world.

Global Mobility For All Your Needs

Support for all types of moves and policy frameworks including 

Permanent Transfer

Long and Short Term Assignments

Commuters and Rotators

Business Travelers

Supported Benefit Approaches

Fully Managed

Full range of support and services,  minimizing effort and impact on employees.

Managed Budget

Set budget for a particular move, employee selects services  from predetermined list of benefits.

Core Global Talent Mobility Use Cases 

Scenario Planning and Cost Estimates

Get the insight you need instantly with Topia’s configured scenario planning tool. Real-time, automated calculations help you make more informed decisions and focus on mission-critical tasks.

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Assignment Case

Automate time-consuming processes so your HR team can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on talent strategy. Centralize all of your global mobility data with detailed reporting and analytics.

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Payroll Delivery and Mobility

Increase efficiency and accuracy while maintaining regulatory compliance. Supported by an experienced payroll team, our cost-effective solution is configured to your needs and integrates with the leading global payroll providers.

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Employee Support and

Engage employees with the tools and resources to take control of their relocations and assignments. Topia gives employees peace of mind about their move while painting a clear picture of life in their new destination.

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Integration with HR tech and relocation vendors

Connect your HR solution ecosystem and vendors to create seamless workflows. With our integrated approach to technology, services, and data, Topia enables a single source of truth for your global talent mobility initiatives.

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Topia provides the leading Global Talent Mobility platform, empowering enterprise HR teams to deploy, manage, and engage employees anywhere in the world.  The Topia platform automates the entire global talent mobility process, from scenario-based planning, compliance risk management, expat payroll, case management, reporting and more.

Leading enterprise organizations trust Topia to deliver:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Superior employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Assured global compliance
  • Data-centric design

To see the Topia platform in action, fill out the adjacent form to request a demonstration.

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