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Know Where Your Employees are for Compliance and Health and Safety

Topia delivers real-time reporting and analytics on employee location that mitigate tax and immigration compliance, and health and safety risks associated with a globally mobile workforce.  Easily manage employee movement for business travel, remote working, and more.

Understand Where Your Employees Are and Where They Have Been

Intelligently determine employee location based on data from multiple sources:

Travel and Expense Reports

Time and Attendance Sheets

HR and Mobility Systems

Laptop and Mobile Apps

Our approach to employee location data and insight


Eliminate the headache and inaccuracies driven by employee self-reporting.


A single platform draws in data from multiple sources creating a single version of the truth.


Live reports that highlight trends in people movement and alert you to potential issues before they occur.


Your data is protected with best-in-class security infrastructure, internal controls, and restricted access.

A Technology-Driven Approach to Business Travel, Tax and Immigration Compliance and Health and Safety Risks

Business Travel Compliance

Business travel and other employee mobility creates PE and nexus exposures. Real-time, automated calculations and reporting alert HR teams to pending taxable events and crossed taxable thresholds, reducing compliance gaps and protecting against audits.

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Payroll Reporting

Eliminate the need for mobile employees and payroll/HR admins to manually report and calculate appropriate multi-jurisdiction payroll withholdings. Topia accurately calculates and accrues the appropriate amounts of withholdings for a given jurisdiction saving time and money.

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Topia Compass

Global Employee
Footprint Reporting

When unforeseen events occur – whether it’s a natural disaster, global pandemic, or regime based regulatory change – HR teams can’t afford to wait days to pull together who may be impacted. Topia provides instant insight into your global employee footprint.

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What is a Distributed Workforce?

A distributed workforce encompasses your business travelers, remote employees, assignees, and the various employees working outside a main office. Today, your workforce is more distributed than ever before – and managing the associated risk and compliance has created new challenges for organizations of all sizes. Evolving work from home policies require new levels of visibility and oversight as ‘home’ may be across state or country lines. For those without access to information, risk is growing exponentially – and for those with data at their fingertips, new opportunities for significant savings are developing. Topia enables organizations to effectively manage distributed workforces.

City and Local Taxes

The tax implications of distributed workforces that cross city, state, and country lines can be significant, and so could the savings. Many large cities apply a number of taxes based on where your employees are working – and with more people working from home outside of the city limits – you may be unintentionally overpaying taxes.

With Topia, you have the potential to eliminate significant tax overpayments and penalties, while avoiding lengthy and costly audits by providing high-accuracy and audit-ready data.

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State-to-State Withholding

Employees that perform work in multiple states or countries open organizations up to payroll tax compliance issues. Every state and country set different thresholds for when payroll taxes must be withheld, making managing multi-jurisdiction withholding costly, complicated, and prone to errors.

Topia Compass delivers:

  • Best-in-class multi-state, multi-jurisdiction location record-keeping, and reporting
  • Automated and intelligent state-to-state withholding with high degrees of customization
  • Consumer-grade, intuitive interface for HR staff and employees
  • Full integration and continuity with Topia Compass’ permanent establishment and posted worker modules
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Posted Workers

The European Union’s A1 filing compliance requirements and the updated 2020 Posted Workers Directive (PWD) have broad implications for companies operating in Europe. Complex tax, immigration, social security, travel, and health insurance considerations require multi-domain expertise. 

Learn how Topia can automate your A1 and Posted Workers Directive planning, data collection, and remove any compliance requirements roadblocks, so your employees can focus solely on executing on high-value tasks.

Permanent Establishment Risk

Business travelers and remote workers can inadvertently create Permanent Establishment (PE) conditions for a legal entity, making its corporate profits subject to taxes in the host country. 

Learn how Topia automatically identifies and manages tax exposures created by travel.

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