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NEW Research From Topia
Adapt to the new realities of your distributed workforce

The fourth annual Adapt study explores attitudes towards remote work, business travel and global mobility among employees and HR professionals. 

Additionally, the report examines the occurrences where HR professionals have encountered employees working in unauthorized locations. Read the latest edition to our Adapt Survey Report. 

Gain access to the full report below and explore our latest findings.

In this updated research report for 2023, you will discover a wealth of information on various aspects of modern work arrangements. It delves into the attitudes of both employers and employees towards remote work, business travel, and global mobility.

Your organization will learn more on the key factors that drive employee acquisition and retention in today’s dynamic work landscape. Furthermore, the Adapt report will also highlight how the evolving complexities of work location arrangements present both challenges and opportunities for HR and mobility teams.

Conducted by CITE Research on behalf of Topia in July 2023, the study surveyed 1,800 full-time office workers from international firms in both the UK and US.

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