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The Topia Way – A Look At Our Values And Culture

The Topia Way – A look at our values and culture

Here at Topia, we strive to break down barriers between people and places, so companies and individuals can work anywhere. We Topians take our values seriously because our five core values ladder back to that same company mission. To us, it is critical that our values translate into our behaviors––both internally and to our customers. Nailing our five core values propels us to do better work. It fuels us with the energy to maximize our individual and collective impact. Conversely, getting our values wrong impacts every aspect of our business. It creates friction for our teams and our customers, slows us down, and moves us further from our mission.

Topia’s values are more than just words on a page. Here are Topia’s five core values that we aim to embody every single day.

Be Global Citizens

We Topians take a global mindset in everything we do. We understand that our teams and customers around the world work and communicate differently, and we adjust accordingly. It is important to us that we build real connections with our coworkers near and far. We pick up the phone, we have video chats, and we invest in building bridges with our colleagues around the world. With every interaction at Topia, we assume positive intent. Assuming positive intent allows for open lines of communication, and we work together to solve issues and problems.


Make Bold Bets

If we don’t try, we won’t succeed. We recognize those who have taken risks and made bold bets––regardless of if they achieve their goal. Us Topians think big and aren’t afraid of a challenge because we recognize that’s the only way to win. Then, once we’ve set a plan into motion, we relentlessly chase down the smallest of details to ensure flawless execution. It’s about getting down to brass tacks, asking the hard questions, and making sure that we see our endeavor through, from start to finish. If it wasn’t successful, we learn from our mistakes to ensure that we don’t make them again.


Collaborate Radically

Feedback is important to us. We ask for feedback, we provide feedback to others, and we learn from the feedback given to us. We help each other. When we don’t know the answer to a question, we seek out someone who has more knowledge on the subject and work together to find a solution. We ask complete questions and give complete answers to make sure to set our coworkers up for success. We are respectful of others’ time by showing up on time, considering global time zones, and being fully present and focused on the topic at hand. Finally, we trust our colleagues. We know that when we commit to something, it is a commitment to get it done and to do it well.


Learn Relentlessly

We ask questions, we don’t assume, and we think about the downstream effect before taking action. This value ties back to how we make big bets and relentlessly chase down every detail. We recognize that context is critical, as everyone is going through a learning journey. We document, share and improve. Us Topians believe that you should leave the world behind you a better place. We reflect on prior experience and view change as a positive opportunity.


Never, Ever Give Up

We’re tenacious in the pursuit of excellence and continuously raising the bar. Mediocrity is not accepted here at Topia, and we expect a lot from each other. Just because an individual is a high-performer does not mean that they are a values-match for the company––and vice versa. We strive to be the best and act with a sense of urgency every day. We are empathetic, and when we see someone struggling, we provide support where we can. And finally, we put the customer first and always ensure we are delivering value to them. We never lose sight of why we’re here.

We look to every employee to strive to embody our values, and we weave value alignment into every People program, from recruitment to talent reviews. If our values speak to you, check out our current openings on our career page.

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