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A Simple Way To Generate Returns On Your Mobility Program: Focus On Employees

A Simple Way to Generate Returns On Your Mobility Program: Focus on Employees

As the old talent management truth goes, “The more engaged employees are, the better they perform”.

Let’s imagine for a moment taking your most engaged employees in Amsterdam and placing them on a 6-month assignment in Nairobi with a schedule of monthly customer visits in different neighboring African capitals. As the employee, you’d undoubtedly look forward to the exciting new experiences of working and learning in a different culture. But you would also have anxieties about visas and vaccinations, shipping your pet turtle and ensuring the safety of your family.

That’s exactly why we created Topia Go, the employee-facing application of Topia’s Global Mobility Management Suite. Topia Go is designed to reduce the stress of moving around and paint the employee a picture of what their life will look like at their next destination.

With a stronger focus on employee happiness and retention, today’s agile organizations need to take a more hands-on approach with employee experience. Once primarily focused on daily operations, HR has evolved into a strategic partner, delivering business value, cost savings, efficiency gains, better knowledge management, and increased growth capability.

Taking that to the next level involves seamlessly aligning the goals of employees and HR. This year, our focus has been to connect Topia Go with Topia Manage so we can offer a tightly coupled Employee Experience. As one of the first features to be made available, Topia Manage tasks are now connected to Topia Go. This allows HR and mobility users to send a task (with any attached files) at any step in the mobility process to an employee, who can then take action and return information directly from Topia Go.

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Engagement through Communications

By integrating Topia Manage with Topia Go, we’re building for two-way dialogue between HR and the employee. More importantly, Topia Go puts them in control and gives them peace of mind about their move.

As part of our emphasis on the employee experience, we continue to make significant updates to the look and feel of Topia Go. We upgraded content in City Guides and neighborhood level search. In this release, we’ve incorporated additional cities with neighborhood level search and currently, we have neighborhood level search data for 18 global cities.

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At Topia, we think deeply about how people work today. We invest heavily in our world-class user experience design team and in software engineers who are capable of delivering mobility management tools within delightful consumer-grade experiences for employees. With our focus on employee engagement and business performance, our practical applications empower you to mobilize global talent and deliver unparalleled employee experiences.

I hope you find the next small step on that path in our “Spring 2019” product release today useful for better engagement with your mobile employees.

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