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Manage Local Tax Complexities for Your Distributed Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound implications in terms of where employees work. According to a June 2020 PwC study, 54% of CFOs would make remote work a permanent option for their employees.  The tax implications for distributed workforces in large cities and adjacent counties can be significant, and so could be the savings.


Leverage Technology to Optimize Your Tax Obligations

Minimize Tax Footprints

Maximize the financial benefit of employees working from home by avoiding costly city-specific taxes.

Go Live Quickly

Get up and rolling in just a couple of short weeks with the ability to target employee onboarding and roll-out.

Employee Privacy

Bank-grade security and jurisdictional level data roll-up ensure employee privacy is respected while still enabling tax optimization and audit defense.

Navigate Complex City and County Tax Regimes

New York City

New York City’s 4% Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT) raised $2.14 billion last year. Learn how you can leverage Topia’s advanced location data and reporting capabilities to avoid accidental overpayment of UBT – with potentially millions in tax savings at stake.

San Francisco

San Francisco City applies a number of taxes based on where your employees are working (Payroll Expense, Gross Receipts Tax, etc.). Learn how you can leverage Topia’s advanced location data and reporting capabilities to avoid overpaying your San Francisco taxes.


Seattle’s new JumpStart Tax is a payroll tax that goes into effect in 2021. Organizations operating in Seattle with high earners and payrolls greater than $7m could be impacted by this new tax. Understand how remote work can impact your tax obligations and how Topia can help you save.


The City of Philadelphia leverages multiple local taxes on individuals and organizations conducting business within city limits including the City Wage Tax and the Business Income and Revenues Tax (BIRT). Are you overpaying now that your workforce is more remote and distributed?

Do You Operate in a City With Potential Remote Worker Tax Implications? Talk to Our Team to Find Out.

The Topia Suite of Products


Scenario planning for your mobile workforce


Talent mobility dashboard with automation


Payroll delivery and compensation reporting


Consumer-grade employee mobility tools


Remote work and business travel compliance

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