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Are You Ready to Optimize Your Seattle JumpStart Tax Obligations?

Seattle’s new “JumpStart” Tax is a payroll tax applied to businesses operating in Seattle with at least $7 million in annual payroll on employee compensation greater than $150,000 p/a. However, the location component of the JumpStart Tax means the implications for distributed workforces in Seattle and adjacent counties could be significant.

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The Experts Share How to Prepare For the JumpStart Tax

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See how much time individual employees spend in Seattle


Calculate appropriate taxes based on employees working >50% in Seattle


Don’t overpay the JumpStart Tax and deliver significant savings

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“Organizations in the greater Seattle area should pay particular attention to the extent that work location drives the application of the JumpStart Tax just as much as payroll and compensation. Taxpayers can realize substantial tax savings by identifying work performed outside of the city limits. Technology-based solutions can help organizations do this at scale and protect in event of audits.”

Nicole Bryant, Principle, Grant Thornton

Watch the On-Demand Webinar with Andersen Tax

View the on-demand webinar with Topia and Andersen Tax as we discuss the impact of remote work on companies operating in major US cities with local taxes.

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