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Does Your San Francisco Office Qualify for Work From Home Tax Savings?

San Francisco’s Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) is calculated based on individual employees’ time spent in SF. Stop overpaying taxes by collecting employees’ out-of-city time. 50% less time in the city may mean a 50% reduction in tax owed.

Learn how to reduce your tax bill

The Experts Share How to Unlock Corporate Tax Savings

Simple Math = Significant Savings


See how much time individual employees spend in San Francisco


Calculate appropriate taxes based on days worked in San Francisco


Stop overpaying Gross Receipts Tax and deliver significant savings

Download our SF Tax Savings Guide to Learn How to Save Now

“Tax-savvy companies can potentially avoid millions in overpaid tax related to overreporting compensation for work done outside of large city limits. A technology platform that can identify work location with a high degree of accuracy combined with advanced taxation and domain knowledge can be a powerful combination to substantiate tax reductions.”

Steven Winter, Grant Thornton Tax Partner

Watch the On-Demand Webinar with Andersen Tax

View the on-demand webinar with Topia and Andersen Tax as we discuss the impact of remote work on companies operating in San Francisco which are subject to the city’s Gross Receipts Tax (GR).

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Founder Nishant Mittal explains to SF Biz Times: You don’t need to pay taxes on employees not in the city

With San Francisco companies having most of their employees working from their homes, often outside the city, employers might be overpaying San Francisco business taxes by millions of dollars.

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