Topia Plan is a powerful tool for complex scenario planning across destinations and policies, with automation for workflows and approvals. With Topia Plan, generate instant cost estimates and balance sheets for upcoming relocations with relocations supplier spend, compensation and taxes through our deeply configured self-service engine.

Topia Plan Overview

Discover insights for effective mobility possibilities


Cost effectively manage your mobility program


Collaborate and develop initiatives to meet business needs

Topia Plan

Key Features

  • Instantly calculated and versioned cost estimates and balance sheets

  • Our proprietary tax engine covers logic for over 110 countries/provinces and growing

  • Configured to your program including the COLA and supplier rate data you prefer

  • Supports for all policy types

  • Optional support for deferred compensation calculations

  • Available 24/7 on any internet connected device - no human consultants required

  • Pairs with Topia Manage (embedded as part of the pre-authorization process) or in a stand-alone capacity

Strategically manage your mobility program

Powered by our proprietary tax engine, Topia Plan allows HR and mobility professionals to instantly configure, create, and share personalized cost estimates and balance sheets. No more waiting days or weeks to get the forecasts you need to manage your mobility program.

Topia Plan - 1

Streamline business processes

Topia Plan supports all types of relocation policies including short-term and long-term assignments and provides cost estimates for the purposes of initial approval, annual budgets, forecasting and assignment extensions. Our cost estimates also maintain current budgets, leveraging current assignment bonuses, salaries and allowances.

Topia Plan - 2

Improve HR efficiency and insight to the business

Topia Plan drastically improves HR team efficiency and the ability to provide insight to their business partners. Cost Estimates are built into the automated pre-authorization workflow, allowing them to be run, edited and shared for approval instantly. The result is better informed business decisions without the hassle or delay of traditional cost estimates.

Topia Plan - 3

Topia has been a key partner for us for many years. Their ability to understand and articulate our path to success has been invaluable.

Jeff Bryson
Global HR Director
Superior Energy Services, Inc.