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Topia + Workday
Better Together for Your Global Talent Strategy

Topia is the only Global Talent Mobility partner with a Workday Approved Integration.  In addition, Topia is a Workday Ventures Partner with Workday as a strategic investor in Topia.  This unique and close relationship with Workday means:

  • An off the shelf integration between Topia and Workday
  • A close working relationship between Workday and Topia product teams
  • Topia complements and extends the value of your Workday solution

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Watch this 2-Minute Demo of the Topia /Workday Integration

Delivering a global talent strategy is hard enough without missing data and incomplete information.  Make fully informed talent decisions by combining Workday’s market-leading HCM, Finance, and Payroll solutions with Topia’s best in class Global Talent Mobility platform.

Seamless Data Flow Between Workday & Topia

Automatically transfer data between the systems for workflow automation and advanced insights 

Supercharge Your Workday Solution with Global Talent Capabilities

  • Support global payroll, split payroll, and shadow payroll
  • Understand the impact of mobility on retention, performance and workforce cost
  • Automate specialized global talent mobility processes such as cost simulation, employee footprint tracking, immigration, and mobility vendor management

Why Does an Approved Integration Matter?

A Workday Approved Integration simplifies deployment, enables real-time data sync based on defined triggers, and is built collaboratively with Workday, ensuring roadmap alignment and future viability. You never have to worry about an update from either Topia or Workday that could disrupt your integration.

Topia + Workday

Value for Our Customers

Global Talent Lens

Organizations can quickly determine the right strategy to fill global roles with cost and time implications surfaced instantly.

Extend Functionality

Critical global talent mobility processes can be supported by the Topia platform to complement the broader HR workflows managed in Workday.

Operate Efficiently

Seamlessly transfer data between the Topia and Workday platforms to trigger workflow automation and reporting, eliminating the need to re-key data in multiple systems.

Watch the Webinar

View the on-demand webinar showcasing Topia’s Workday integration to see how it can benefit your organization and extend the value of your existing Workday solution.

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