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Delivering the Best of Human Capital Management and Global Talent Mobility with Topia and Workday

One of the most powerful aspects of a modern technology platform is the ability to seamlessly combine data across your IT landscape. Topia’s Workday Approved integration brings together the information needed to effectively and efficiently deploy and manage talent around the world. With integrated workflows, Topia and Workday can provide organizations with the ability to quickly determine the right strategy to fill global roles with cost and time implications surfaced instantly, eliminating the need to re-key data in multiple systems, and automatically feed mobility data back to Workday with comprehensive talent analytics. This interconnectedness is essential in delivering a leading global mobility program that excels in operational efficiency, data-maturity, compliance, and employee experience.

Join Chantel Rowe, Director of Product at Topia for a deep-dive into the Topia-Workday integration and how it can strengthen your Global Talent Mobility strategy. In this 30-minute webinar Chantel will cover:

  • Insights into the data overlay and how this supports decision-making and removes potential barriers and risks to the business.
  • A live demo of the powerful new functionalities
  • Top tips and best practices for building a best-in-class Global Talent Mobility strategy

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