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Research from Topia:
Adapt or Lose the War for Talent – Why your employee experience needs an upgrade 

As culture evolves, so do the things employees want.

Employee experience isn’t something that just happens – it is created. It’s a balance: from technology to relationships to recognition, every touchpoint an employee has impacts your bottom line.

Join Meghan M. Biro, CEO and Founder of TalentCulture, and Steve Black, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Topia, for a fast-paced, data-driven dive into the realities of employee experience today. Learn more and watch here.

Employee experience has become a buzzword among HR professionals. Everyone is trying to do it right and everyone knows it needs to be prioritized. But what does it really mean and why should it matter to your company?

In this research report Topia takes a look at exactly what employees value about their work experience and how the activities, technology, and environment in which they work impacts the overall employee experience. We surveyed 1,000 enterprise organization employees across the US and UK to gather new insights shared in this report.

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