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Adapt to a Flexible New-Normal: What a global pandemic has shown us about employee priorities

COVID-19 has changed the way many individuals and employers think about work. For example, the global pandemic has shown that remote and distributed work is not only a viable way to get work done, but for some, a preferred way of working. While embracing the flexibility of remote work may be appealing, there are also challenges, from compliance concerns to employee experience that come hand in hand with a workforce that is more mobile than ever before.

To understand the impact of COVID-19 and remote work on employee experience and priorities, Topia commissioned a survey of 1,250 knowledge workers in the US and UK.  The results show just 14% of employees rate their employer as delivering an exceptional employee experience.  As we move into this new world of remote work, it’s clear organizations must adapt if they want to make flexibility and agility the norm while still providing great employee experiences.

Join Morgan Crosby, Global Growth Leader at AIRINC, Matt Morgan, Chief People Officer at Big Panda, Topia VP of People & Culture, Jacky Cohen, and Topia Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Black as they dive into the results of this annual survey and discuss what the findings mean for employees, organizations, and talent strategy in 2021 and beyond. From changing working policies to evolving culture to new expectations, there’s never been a more important time to understand your workforce’s wants and needs. Talking points will include:

  • Employee experience — what matters most?
  • Is flexibility the key to creating a great employee experience?
  • What will the team of the future look like?
  • Do you have the right data to implement new policies?
  • How employees and organizations can get the most out of this new world of work

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