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Automate State-to-State and Multi-Jurisdiction Tax Withholding

In the United States, employers are required by law to withhold employment taxes from their employees. Failure to withhold appropriate taxes in a given jurisdiction opens up an organization to audits, penalties, and unexpected costs. Topia Compass automates the withholding process for business travelers and distributed employees providing accurate withholding information and reliable audit defense.


The Right Solution to Remain Compliant and Avoid Audit Pain

Automatically Track Employee Location
Streamline Multi-Jurisdiction Payroll and Withholdings
Accelerate the Process with an Integrated Ecosystem

Accurate Employee Location Data, Live Dashboards and On-Demand Reports

Topia leverages both active and passive data to determine where employees are doing work, calculating necessary withholdings and feeding that information back to payroll and finance teams in the form of live dashboards and on-demand reports.

Topia Compass

Download our Withholding One-Pager to See How to Topia Protects Your Business and Employees

Configurable Withholding Thresholds Align With Your Company Policies

Threshold-based alerts and reports help avoid unexpected withholding obligations and ensure the right amount of taxes are withheld in the right jurisdictions. Automatically identify where employees are working and calculate when withholding thresholds have been crossed.

See it in Action

Audits Happen When You Least Expect Them. Be Ready with Topia.

Hear first-hand what it’s like to go through a corporate non-resident payroll tax withholding audit and what you can do to ensure you’re withholding the appropriate amount and have the data to prove it.

Get Ahead of Tax Challenges

State to state and multi-jurisdiction payroll withholding is just one of the many problems Topia Compass helps solve. See the full product overview to see how Topia Compass solves tax, payroll, and immigration compliance for distributed workforces.

Learn More About Topia Compass

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