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Protect against unforeseen global events and compliance audits

Topia delivers real-time reporting and analytics that mitigate tax and immigration compliance, and health and safety risks associated with a globally mobile workforce.

Understand where your employees are and where they have been

Intelligently determine employee location based on data from multiple sources:

Travel and Expense Reports

Time and Attendance Sheets

HR and Mobility Systems

Laptop and Mobile Apps

Our approach to employee location data and insight


Eliminate the headacihe and inaccuracies driven by employee self-reporting.


A single platform draws in data from multiple sources creating a single version of the truth.


Live reports that highlight trends in people movement and alert you to potential issues before they occur.


Your data is protected with best-in-class security infrastructure, internal controls, and restricted access.

A Technology Driven Approach to Business Travel, Tax and Immigration Compliance and Health and Safety Risks

Business Travel Compliance

Business travel and other employee mobility creates PE and nexus exposures. Real-time, automated calculations and reporting alert HR teams to pending taxable events and crossed taxable thresholds, reducing compliance gaps and protecting against audits.

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Payroll Reporting

Eliminate the need for mobile employees and payroll/HR admins to manually report and calculate appropriate multi-jurisdiction payroll withholdings. Topia accurately accurately calculates and accrues the appropriate amounts of withholdings for a given jurisdiction saving time and money.

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Global Employee
Footprint Reporting

When unforeseen events occur – whether it’s a natural disaster, global pandemic, or regime based regulatory change – HR teams can’t afford to wait days to pull together who may be impacted. Topia provides instant insight into your global employee footprint.

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