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Is the (Traditional) Mobility Policy Dead?

When was the last time you reviewed your global mobility policies?

Mobility policies are a staple of most mobility programs and most organizations have a series of clearly defined policies for the types of employees they relocate. The challenge is that a standard policy structure often no longer fits with the changing and varied needs of today’s mobile employees and overall company objectives.

In this eBook we take a look at how mobility policies are evolving and the way mobility teams can use technology and data to maneuver and measure the success of changing policy needs – without increasing manual effort by their teams.

In this eBook we explore the purpose of mobility policies within the changing face of Mobility. Readers will learn:

  • The right areas to leverage flexibility for your organization
  • How to determine the ROI of a flexible mobility policy structure
  • Sample conclusions you can draw from data driven policies

Download the ebook to learn more.

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