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Invest for Value – Building the business case for global mobility management technology

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Access to the right technology can make or break a team’s productivity, capacity, and output. However, many Global Mobility teams struggle to get approval to invest in best in class technological solutions. As a result, they’re too often stuck with manual workloads or turn to outsourcing to help mitigate the administrative and compliance burden associated with managing a global population of mobile employees.

When looking to gain approvals to invest in new technology, Global Mobility teams typically encounter one of two common objections:

  • We don’t have the budget.
  • Do we really need technology?

Join Topia Co-Founder and EMEA GM, Steve Black, as he takes a look at how to overcome the objections to investing in Global Mobility Management technology. Attendees will learn how to build the business case for GMM tech by:

  • Quantifying the business impact of their programs
  • Putting mobility spend into context
  • Examining the areas where quantified ROI can be presented

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