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Executing your hybrid work strategy with an eye on tax implications

Hybrid and remote work arrangements have fast become the expected norm for many employees. But as employers look to implement their new hybrid work approaches,  increasingly complex cross-border regulations have resulted in significant compliance exposures and risks for businesses across the globe as they adopt a more distributed workforce. When employees were working in the same offices every day, payroll withholding, tax compliance, and statutory reporting was relatively straightforward, but in today’s hybrid and remote work environment employees are spread out across different locations with varying tax regulations. Organizations must rethink their corporate strategy and the subsequent workstreams required to implement their hybrid approach and determine where the obligations for tax, compliance, and employee monitoring sit. 


Join Grant Thornton and Topia for a dive into the execution of hybrid work and the tax implications employers will need to combat to stay compliant and turn their hybrid work strategy into a successful practice. This webinar will cover:

  • How to implement, track, and automate your hybrid work strategy in a sustainable way and what organizational level changes may be required
  • Domestic and international tax and payroll risks organizations face and how to mitigate them
  • How companies can solve broader business strategy and operational issues stemming from hybrid workforces with employees working in many more locations

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