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COVID-19 Telecommuting and Local Taxes: Tax Savings Opportunities for City-Based Organizations

COVID-19 has changed the working landscape for employees and employers everywhere. Now more than ever, individuals who used to travel into cities and metropolitan areas for work are logging in remotely from home, delivering their services miles away from their city offices. This “new normal” presents many new tax issues in the personal income tax and corporate tax spaces. But also, as reported in this recent CNBC piece, these new circumstances present a potential unique tax-savings opportunity for companies subject to local taxes such as NYC Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT), San Francisco’s Gross Receipts Tax, Philadelphia’s Net Profits Tax and Business Income Receipts Tax, and Washington D.C.’s Business Franchise Tax, just to name a few.

Join Eric Anderson, Managing Director at Andersen Tax and Nishant Mittal, SVP & GM of Business Traveler at Topia in a discussion that covers the legal and practical aspects of how to minimize local city taxes, while being prepared for a potential audit as cities and states look to reclaim lost revenue during these times.

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