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Designing flexible and compliant remote work policies that employees and HR/finance will love

After nearly a year of remote work without many formal policies in place, organizations are starting to imagine what their post-pandemic working structure looks like. Some organizations want most employees to return to fully in-office work, while others have moved aggressively to adopt more permanent remote work arrangements. In fact, according to a recent Topia survey, flexibility in where work gets done is a priority for > 90% of employees.
Adopting permanent flexible and remote working policies may drastically impact talent strategy and how work gets done long term, but there are important compliance considerations before you go down this path. As regional and international authorities begin to step up enforcement, where your employees are working can have a significant impact on where your business and employees owe taxes, the amount of taxes owed, social security obligations, and employment regulations you are subject to as well.
Join Cindy Madden, Director of Consulting Solutions at Cartus, and Topia SVP of Business Travel Solutions Nishant Mittal as they share insights that will help you in crafting your own organization’s remote and flexible work policies. Viewers will learn:
  • Potential risks and implications of your distributed workforce
  • What data you need to develop, implement, and monitor new policies
  • How to build flexible policies that work for employees and HR/finance/payroll
  • How to communicate and roll out policies to employees

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