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Adapt Survey Report 2023 – Business Travel Edition

Research on Employee & Employer Attitudes to Business Travel

This report contains the findings on attitudes to business travel among employees and employers from Topia’s wider 2023 study: “Adapt to the new realities of your distributed workforce”. The study surveyed 1,800 full-time office workers and a sub-set of HR professionals from international firms in both the UK and US.

In this ebook, you will find data on:

  • Employer and employee attitudes to business travel
  • What the key drivers of employee acquisition and retention are
  • How new trends in business travel are creating challenges — and opportunities — for HR teams
  • What proportion of HR professionals have found employees working in places they shouldn’t be
  • How comfortable employees are with location-sharing for compliance purposes

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This edition of the report contains the survey findings related to business travel. If you are interested in the full report, which contains the survey results related to remote work and global mobility in addition to business travel, you can download it here.

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