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Topia Compass

Jurisdiction Time Monitoring

Optimize Local Tax Obligations Caused by Your Remote Workforces

Most large US cities apply local taxes to revenue earned within city limits. Monitoring Jurisdiction Time in Topia Compass helps organizations easily and accurately allocate revenues earned from work performed by employees in a city – ensuring only the appropriate amount of taxes are paid.

TOPIA COMPASS – Jurisdiction Time Monitor

Increasing the Value of Your Distributed Workforce

Save Time and Effort

Eliminate the need for manual paper trails and provide tax and finance teams the exact data they need to calculate and substantiate tax payments.

Accurately Pay Taxes

Appropriately pay taxes based on the working locations of your distributed workforce – potentially saving thousands or millions of dollars.

Prioritize Employee Privacy

Monitor only the jurisdiction level needed for tax compliance – no street, lat-long or more granular details provided to employers.

“Choosing Topia has been a great decision for Criteo! We have access to more data than ever before – we have visibility into every live move and are more responsive partners to our business.”

Cynthia Callatin-Saar, Global Mobility Manager,  Criteo

Audit-Ready Data at the Click of a Button

It’s up to organizations to calculate, report and pay taxes to local jurisdictions and the burden of proof for substantiating those payments is on the tax payer. Topia Compass provides audit-ready data on which to base your tax calculations.

Key Features

Jurisdiction Level Monitoring

Virtual geo-fences detect when an employee is working within a city based on cell tower and router locations

Employee Control

Employees can turn on/off jurisdiction monitoring with a simple button on mobile or laptop devices – protecting privacy

Configured Reports

Dashboards and reporting provide Finance and Tax teams key data for tax calculations

Just Some of the Cities with Local Taxes Impacted by Working Location

  • San Francisco Gross Receipts Tax
  • New York City Unincorporated Business Tax
  • Los Angeles Gross Receipts Tax
  • Seattle JumpStart and BO Tax
  • Philadelphia City Wage Tax and Business Income and Revenues Tax
  • And many more

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