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Topia Compass

Schengen Compliance

Comply With Schengen Rules for Non-EU Domiciled Employees

Track travel days across Schengen Area countries to  ensure UK-based employees stay compliant with travel post-Brexit. Schengen compliance in Topia Compass also supports non-EU global organizations with remote work and travel in the Schengen Area.

TOPIA COMPASS – Schengen Compliance

Address Post-Brexit Compliance Concerns

Meet EU Opportunities

Monitor global employee footprint to manage immigration compliance for your business travellers and distributed workforce.

Real-Time Visibility

Compliance teams can see risk developing in real-time identifying issues with enough time to take action.

Business & Personal Days

Easily account for business and personal days spent in Schengen countries while maintaining privacy.

“Choosing Topia has been a great decision for Criteo! We have access to more data than ever before – we have visibility into every live move and are more responsive partners to our business.”

Cynthia Callatin-Saar, Global Mobility Manager,  Criteo

Simplify the 90/180 Day Rule

Topia Compass aggregates location information from numerous data sources and can intelligently determine how much time non-EU domiciled employees spend in the Schengen area to ensure the 90/180 day rule is not breached.

Key Features

At-a-Glance Dashboards

Analyze past and ongoing travel to identify potential compliance risk within the rolling 180-day period

Configured Thresholds

Customizable rules that trigger early alerts to reflect your company’s risk tolerance

Employee Control

Intuitive, easy-to-use apps allow employees to view the number of days they’ve spent in the Schengen Area and get early-warning alerts of approaching risk

Employe Privacy and Control Built In

Location is only monitored at the country or jurisdiction level for Schengen Compliance. Employees can turn on/off jurisdiction monitoring with a simple button on mobile or laptop devices – protecting privacy.

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