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Topia Compass

Payroll Withholding

Ensure Accurate State and International Withholding for Distributed Workers

Organizations are required to withhold payroll taxes for employees that perform work in non-resident states and countries. Determining where and how much to withhold for remote and business travellers is traditionally a time consuming and complex process for employers. Topia Compass’s powerful technology aggregates location information to intelligently determine how much time employees have spent in different jurisdictions and automatically feed that information to payroll teams – saving time, money, and preventing audits.

TOPIA COMPASS – Payroll Withholding

Reduce Distributed Workforce Risk Caused by Payroll Withholding

Your Employee Footprint

Know where work is getting done, and by whom, through Topia’s market-leading location awareness engine.

Simplify Payroll Withholding

Easily withhold taxes for non-resident workers in states and countries where employees have crossed thresholds.

Audit Ready Data

Access audit-defensible data in the event of a non-resident payroll withholding audit.

“Choosing Topia has been a great decision for Criteo! We have access to more data than ever before – we have visibility into every live move and are more responsive partners to our business.”

Cynthia Callatin-Saar, Global Mobility Manager,  Criteo

Leverage the Right Data Source for Your Company

Pick the right combination of over 10 different data sources to monitor EE location including on-device applications, booking data from T&E providers such as SAP Concur or BCD Travel, and more.

Key Features

Payroll Integrations

Feed data directly from Topia Compass to payroll providers for streamlined payroll processing

Proactive Alerts

Customizable rules based on individual states or countries that trigger early alerts to reflect your company’s risk tolerance

HR Command Center

Dashboards and reporting keep HR, payroll, mobility, and travel teams apprised of employee location and status

Configurable for Your Risk Tolerances

Every state and country has unique rules and thresholds for payroll withholding. Payroll Withholding in Topia Compass comes with default thresholds that can be configured based on your risk tolerances and preferences.

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