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Topia + Grant Thornton
Technology Enabled Tax and Advisory Services

Distributed and remote workforces combined with a shifting regulatory landscape have created new compliance concerns for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Through our alliance with Grant Thornton LLP, organizations benefit from the powerful combination of Topia technology and data complimented by the global mobility and workforce consulting and compliance services provided by Grant Thornton to address the challenges created by employee working location.

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Topia + Grant Thornton

Value for Our Customers

Future of Work

Enable flexible and hybrid working policies in the new normal of distributed workforces without worrying about triggering unforseen compliance events.

Manage Tax Risk & Leakage

Benefit from real-time risk analysis in Topia Compass, alongside proactive consulting and timely tax and social security assistance from Grant Thornton.

Operational Efficiently

Eliminate the need to manually verify employee location using receipts, calendars and other methods and allow efforts to be focused on key services.

A Global Leader in Tax and Advisory Services

Grant Thornton International Limited (GTIL) is one of the world’s leading networks of member firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. Grant Thornton firms provide the highest quality of services, but with the flexibility and local knowledge to meet customers where they are and address their unique needs. Topia has partnerships with Grant Thornton LLP and Grant Thornton UK LLP.

“Leveraging Topia’s technology enables organizations to transition to distributed and hybrid workforce arrangements. The real-time insights and analytics provided by Topia assist employers in tackling tax complexity to address compliance, whether it’s state-to-state withholding, international tax and social security or corporate exposure. Topia provides our clients and the Grant Thornton teams serving them highly accurate data to proactively deliver the tax and advisory services clients need in embracing distributed workforces.”

Richard Tonge, Principle, Grant Thornton

See How Topia and Grant Thornton can Benefit Your Organization

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how regulatory changes surrounding Brexit have impacted tax and immigration compliance when leveraging distributed workforces.

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