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NEW Report From Constellation Research:
Global Talent Mobility Is Key for Enterprise Acceleration in a Pandemic World

View the on-demand webinar, where Holger Mueller of Constellation Research sits down with Topia CSO, Steve Black, to discuss the intersection of Global Talent Mobility and Talent Strategy. Learn more and watch here.

How does Global Talent Mobility interact with Talent Management, Core HR, Payroll, and other key areas of the HCM space? What are the market trends impacting enterprise organizations’ talent strategy and business execution? Where does Global Talent Mobility sit in the post-COVID world?

In this new report by Constellation Research, Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst, breaks down the elements of Topia’s global talent mobility platform. The report describes the underlying market trends and presents key differentiators for Topia’s offering in the unique global talent mobility space.

The report outlines issues important to talent mobility planning in pandemic and post-pandemic periods, and continues with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the vendor and concludes with a set of tangible and actionable recommendations for CxOs.

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