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Earlier this year, Monaeo, the application we use for business travel and distributed workforce compliance, was acquired by Topia. As such, the Monaeo app is being renamed and rebranded to Topia Compass

Starting September 15th you will begin to see the following changes and updates to the Monaeo web and mobile app. These updates include:


Updated branding

Both the web and mobile app experience will be updated with new colors, styling, and logo reflecting the Topia Brand. 


A new URL to access the tool

Starting September 15th you can access Topia Compass (formerly Monaeo) using the URL: Please bookmark this new URL for use moving forward. 

You can still access the application online via, but support for this old URL will end at the end of 2020. 


A new smartphone application in October

In early October a new smartphone app for Topia Compass will be made available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

At that time you will be prompted to download the new version of the app. Until then, your existing Monaeo smartphone app will work as expected, but with updated branding when you open the app. 


Please note 

During this transition, you may see both the Monaeo and Topia names when you interact with the application. You may receive emails from until October before they change to an email address. 


If you have any questions you can reach topia via or contact the individual from your organization who manages your business travel and distributed workforce compliance.

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