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Topia Awarded U.S. Patent on Exclusive Technology Powering Automated Compliance Management Solution

Technology Helps Organizations Remain Compliant With Tax, Immigration, and Other Regulations by Monitoring and Analyzing Data from Various Sources for Automated Alerts and Reports

SAN FRANCISCO, June 2, 2021Topia, the leader in Global Talent Mobility technology, today announced it has been awarded a patent for the systems and methods of compliance tracking underpinning the Topia Compass solution. Topia Compass is the leading technology solution for business travel and distributed workforce compliance management. It allows entities and individuals to proactively identify risk and compliance exposures before they occur and have ready access to the data and reporting required to adhere to tax, immigration, and other cross-border regulations. 

In a rapidly shifting global landscape, where for the first time in modern labor history the vast majority of the white-collar workforce is able to work from anywhere while simultaneously governments at every level are hurting for revenue, managing compliance risks is imperative. Newly updated regulations such as the Posted Workers Directive and global events such as Brexit or the COVID-19 pandemic shine the spotlight on the need for modern solutions to empower people and organizations to get work done where needed, while also adhering to evolving jurisdictional requirements. Yet, multi-jurisdiction compliance has traditionally been an extremely manual and difficult endeavor, if not nearly impossible, to do. 

“Organizations have been facing a paradigm shift in where and how work gets done which was considerably accelerated by COVID,” noted Shawn Farshchi, CEO at Topia. “This has placed a never before seen priority on needing to understand who in an organization is working where, but it simply can’t be done efficiently without a modern technology solution.”

Topia Compass can leverage over 10 different data sources, including active monitoring, to provide a real-time overview of global employee footprint with configured automated alerts and reports for key compliance use cases including payroll withholding, permanent establishment, pre-travel immigration assessments, Schengen compliance, and more. In this way, the solution works to minimize or in many cases entirely eliminate the need for any manual effort by employees.

“We invented this technology to help employees live and work anywhere fearlessly while protecting their time and privacy to focus on what matters most to them,” said Anupam Singhal, patent co-author and SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Topia. 

Topia Compass’s approach to addressing distributed workforces and business travelers is unique and holistic. It is the only solution that provides a comprehensive pre-travel, on-travel, and post-travel approach, taking in data from key providers and HR systems and integrating with necessary downstream service providers to automate the compliance process. Topia Compass does this while also deeply respecting privacy, placing employees in control of their data, and only providing data to employers at the jurisdictional level. 

“We built the Topia Compass solution from our personal experience of being mobile employees who fell out of compliance, where an accidental two-day overstay cost thousands of dollars,” noted Nishant Mittal, patent co-author and SVP of Distributed Workforce Solutions at Topia. “Today Topia Compass is used by hundreds of thousands of employees at organizations large and small to help ensure no one gets hit with unexpected fines, fees, jail time, or expenses, while just trying to get work done.”

Topia Compass is part of Topia’s comprehensive global talent mobility product offering built atop the Topia One platform. To learn more about Topia One or Topia Compass, visit

About Topia

Topia is the leader in Global Talent Mobility. We empower companies to deploy, manage and engage employees anywhere in the world. The Topia platform enables organizations to deliver mobility as part of a broader talent strategy encompassing all types of employee movement – remote and distributed workforces, business travel, and more traditional relocations and assignments. This drives enhanced employee experiences and competitive advantage by ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time, while staying compliant no matter where they are. The Topia platform automates the entire global talent mobility process, including scenario-based planning, expat payroll, tax and immigration compliance, reporting and more. Topia powers global talent mobility programs for world-renowned brands such as Schneider Electric, Dell, Veolia, Equinor and AXA. Topia has raised over $100M from NewView Capital (formerly New Enterprise Associates), Notion Capital and others, and is a global company with offices throughout the Americas and EMEA.

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