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The Secret Language You Speak Without Realizing It – Featured on BBC Capital

Unicorn, Series A Funding, Hackathon, Scale, Disrupt – these are all common terms in the innovative world of Silicon Valley, but what if you’re a newcomer? Does this mean that you have to learn a whole new language? 

As a former investment banker, this was the scenario that MOVE Guides CEO Brynne Kennedy faced when creating the first software solution for global relocation. She immediately set out to become fluent in this new language by reading a long list of biographies of leading tech entreprenurs and doing as much research on successful Silicon Valley companies as possible. 

Brynne recently sat down with Lennox Morrison, BBC Journalist, to discuss her experiences. As Brynne stated to Lennox, “you need to speak the language to play the game.” But learning this new “tech language” truly opened a new world for her and enabled her to build strong relationships in the Valley, raise capital and successfully grow and lead her tech company. Read the full feature on BBC Capital here.

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