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It’s my great pleasure to announce the release of MOVE Guides‘ public beta website today. After years researching internationally-mobile employees and months of development work, we’re live today offering you a new solution for global mobility and employee relocation!

With MOVE Guides, you can support your employees with lump sums with a one-stop-shop to plan their move to London. This includes expert local city guides, price comparison and booking with reliable suppliers across eight services, and unique move planning tools. We also offer a free introductory call to all employees and real-time live chat to help employees get familiar with their new city and ask any questions during their move. The best part for you? Our basic product is entirely free – for both companies and employees – and we give you all the materials to share it with employees. Over the next few months, we’ll also be launching a premium offering with enhanced features for HR professionals.

Our years of research show that global mobility is changing quickly. With the growth of Gen Y employees in the workforce and cost control issues prevalent at organisations, global mobility needs new solutions to move the industry forward. Here at MOVE Guides, we’ve built a product specifically with the digital preferences of Gen Y employees and cost containment challenges in mind!

Want to learn more about how MOVE Guides can help your employees? Contact us now!

relocation services

  • End-to-end relocation services
  • Supplier price comparison
  • Customized planning hub
  • Comprehensive city guides
  • Co-branded for your company

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