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MOVE Guides CEO Shares Talent Mobility Insights on HRExaminer Executive Conversations Radio Show

Talent mobility has historically been a complicated, highly manual process, arduous for global organizations relocating talent and stressful for those employees on the move — and their families. But as more organizations seek to deploy talent around the world, the need for a new approach to talent mobility was clear. MOVE Guides was founded to fill this gap, offering a truly end-to-end platform to support all aspects of global employee relocations and streamline the entire talent mobility process.

During her appearance on HRExaminer Executive Conversations, Brynne Kennedy, founder and CEO of MOVE Guides, joined host John Sumser to explore the current state of talent mobility, and how her company helps organizations transform the way they move employees across the globe.

Addressing the challenges organizations face in their talent mobility programs, Kennedy shared how MOVE Guides enables companies to generate configurable cost estimates, develop dynamic timelines, provide real-time status updates, integrate with existing systems and improve the overall experience for a company’s HR team, finance department and, most importantly, the relocating employee. In addition, Kennedy discussed MOVE Guides’ latest updates and how it will continue to transform talent mobility in the year ahead.

Listen to the full interview here:


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