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MOVE Guides CEO Brynne Herbert Featured in Forbes article by Roger Trapp: “Leaders Should Do More To Manage Workers Of All Types”


Brynne Herbert, MOVE Guides CEO recently sat down with Roger Trapp from Forbes to discuss why she believes that deploying talent on a global scale is a key competitive differentiator for the 21st century organization. This is especially important as companies rapidly expand to new regions and leverage talent mobility as a tool to attract, engage and retain their global talent. But how can you make that seamless for everyone involved in a move?

In Roger’s article he shares how “MOVE Guides helps companies by using technology and its growing expertise to manage employee movements around the world seamlessly, providing a single invoice at the end of the process.” He explains how assisting employees through the frustrating aspects of a relocation is a priority for today’s companies and is no longer “seen as the price of an overseas posting.”

Another key issue that Brynne noted when speaking with Roger is the changing demographic of talent mobility. Today, Millennials crave the opportunity to work abroad and view it as a investment in their career development. Roger further validates this point by writing “at a time when younger employees are happy to move jobs frequently in search of fresh opportunities, a company that can offer – in a smooth, hassle-free way – short-term placements that provide career development might do better at retaining its best people.”

Click here to read the full Forbes article on best practices for managing the expectations and needs of the Millennial demographic.

Stay tuned for more of MOVE Guides in the news and featured articles by our CEO Brynne Herbert. And if you are curious to learn more, get in touch.

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