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Making a Move on Success with a Clear Vision – The Hundert

Brynne Herbert, MOVE Guides CEO was featured in The Hundert as one of Europe’s top female startup founders. Read below for the full article.


Making a move on success with a clear vision

By Brynne Herbert

Moving around regularly during my years working as an investment banker caused me a lot of frustration. I founded MOVE Guides after a particularly challenging move from Asia to London to start my MBA program at London Business School. At that point, I was determined to make moving easier for everyone. With a clear vision in mind, I began MOVE Guides. It was exciting to embark on this journey and stare down at the face of uncertainty. I didn’t know if my vision was valid or crazy, or if I could make it happen. But I had confidence in myself and knew that I would do everything possible to make it a reality.

The idea has since evolved to transform not only the way individuals relocate around the world, but also the way companies manage and move their global talent – from new hires to projects to expatriates.

Nowadays, I am constantly back and forth between our two headquarters in London and San Francisco. I get my strength from my strong team, supporters and mentors. They encourage and inspire me to make MOVE Guides a success.

Interested in learning more about Brynne’s company, MOVE Guides? Check out our new video. 

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