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How to win the war for IT talent – MOVE Guides Featured on CIO


Brynne Herbert recently spoke with CIO alongside William Taylor, Head of Global Mobility at Adobe.

They both shared their insight on the competitive battle to hire skilled professionals and how talent mobility can play a critical role in winning the war on top talent, particularly IT professionals.

When Taylor discussed the engineering talent shortage he stated, “Even with H1B visas and work visas, there’s typically only three years of work eligibility in the U.S. for those visa holders — so the U.S. is losing that talent. We’re trying to find that talent where it is, in areas like Romania and the Ukraine where there are burgeoning pockets of developers, for instance.”

Herbert shares that MOVE Guides focuses on what we can offer to people who work for us and stated, “We’re offering employee ownership, freedom to work on exciting projects, flexibility, great benefits and perks. Engineers are drawn to us because that sets us apart from the competition.”

Click here to read the full article by Sharon Florentine. 


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