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A look back at the Global Workforce Symposium

The Global Workforce Symposium (GWS), put on by WERC, is a global mobility event like no other. This year over 1,800 mobility professionals gathered to network, share expertise, and partake in some revelry at the Washington State Convention Center in…

Infographic – The Price of Bread

In this short infographic we examine how a single cost of living index might not paint the full picture on what everyday living expenses amount to - and how that could clearly impact the cost of an assignment.  

Building for the future

It’s been an exciting year for the team at Topia and for me personally. We’ve seen our customers  -- large, complex enterprises and rapidly growing technology companies -- put mobility front and center in their talent management strategy. The ability…

The rise of HR Tech for Global Mobility Management

Today there are a multitude of different technologies and app offerings to help you manage your global mobility programs, from point solutions to integrated end-to-end suites. With so many types of solutions, buzzwords, and jargon thrown around it can be…

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