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Infographic – The Price of Bread

In this short infographic we examine how a single cost of living index might not paint the full picture on what everyday living expenses amount to - and how that could clearly impact the cost of an assignment.  

It’s time to talk about EEE: Expat Employee Experience

From attracting the best candidates to retaining skilled workers, employee experience matters in each stage of the life cycle. Providing expats with an enjoyable relocation or assignment experience is challenging but necessary for organizations. The struggles of relocating and readapting…

Provide the Benefits Your Employees Actually Want and Need

Relocating for a job is about more than just work.  An employee’s life changes regarding where they call home, what they do for a living, and who they socialize with. Simplifying the relocation process allows employees to spend their time,…

Leveraging Technology to Make Relocation More Human

Across the board, technology fosters efficiency by automating manual, redundant processes making them less time consuming and more affordable. For some roles however, the replacement of humans with technology is viewed negatively due to the perception that operations are cold…

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