Chantel Rowe, international mobility and payroll manager at Societe Generale, and Brynne Herbert, CEO of MOVE Guides, recently sat down with Bill Goodwin, content editor for Computer Weekly to discuss how Societe Generale is leveraging MOVE Guides' international experience and innovative technology. Read the full feature on Computer Weekly.


As one of Europe’s largest financial services groups, Societe Generale has turned to MOVE Guides to transform their relocation program with innovative cloud technology that will help attract and retain top talent. MOVE Guides has led to a 30% improvement in the efficiency of their HR team in the UK, by significantly reducing administrative tasks and has already been highly popular with employees across age groups and roles.

Rowe reinforced the signifcance of this shift by stating that “Move Guides’ web portal, dubbed Talent Mobility Cloud, allows Societe Generale to offer tailored relocation services to employees, providing them with a level of service that traditional relocation specialists could not match.”  

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