We break down barriers between people and places so companies and individuals can work everywhere.

In today’s increasingly interconnected global economy, Topia is the partner that can help you simplify mobility and navigate the complexities inherent to a worldwide mobile workforce. Our goal is to provide you with the automated tools and data necessary to make smart strategic decisions across the relocation landscape.

Topia Story Where We’ve Come From, Where We’re Going

When Brynne Kennedy moved to London in January 2010, she found herself in a sublet apartment without hot water and internet (or a bank account or mobile phone to help). Wondering why moving was so much more difficult than vacationing, Brynne set out to disrupt the industry.

While working on her MBA at London Business School, Brynne recruited Steve Black and Peter Almasi in 2012, and together the founding team launched MOVE Guides. MOVE Guides became the first technology-led full relocation solution. Investors were quickly interested. To date, the team has raised more than $100M in venture funding. Opening U.S. and Asia offices in 2014, MOVE Guides also launched the first cloud-based platform for global mobility, bringing together HR, vendors, financial management, and employees in one system. MOVE Guides acquired Teleport in 2017  and  Polaris Global Mobility in early 2018. Shortly following the Polaris acquisition, after four years of 100 percent YoY growth, MOVE Guides became Topia.

Today, we offer the first end-to-end, full global mobility management suite. Our mission is to break down barriers between people and places so companies and individuals can work everywhere. Our values guide our decision-making to ensure we support this mission every day.

Our Values

Be global citizens.

We think above borders, embrace diversity in perspective from our many nationalities, and provide a positive impact by giving back to our global community.

Make bold bets.

We solve big problems for our customers by making educated bets with imperfect information to deliver meaningful value and outcomes.

Learn relentlessly.

We embrace candor, debate passionately, and use deep intellectual curiosity and creativity to design the best solutions for our market, customers, and company.

Collaborate radically.

We win and lose together as one team, with the highest levels of authenticity and empathy for each other as Topians and humans.

Never ever give up.

We operate with grit and resolve, and embrace every stage and every day of our journey with passion, smiles, and laughter. We know that tenacity is the foundation of progress.

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