04/2019 Topia Go: Topia Manage Integration with Tasks
Topia Manage tasks can be shared to an employee via the Topia Go, which allows HR and mobility users to send a task (with any attached files) at any step in the mobility process to an employee, who can then take action and return information directly from Topia Go. In addition, we’ve added new City Guides content so now we cover more than 200 cities and a robust neighborhood search function for 19 global destinations.
04/2019 Topia Plan and Pay: Tax Engine
Annual tax engine updates include the addition of two supported countries, Guatemala and Paraguay.
04/2019 Topia Move: Cost Reporting
Our mobility analytics dashboards and reporting includes the cost of budget cashouts - paid either by Topia or through your payroll - to ensure you’re seeing the full cost of your managed budget moves.
04/2019 Topia Move: Flight Cost Estimator
Our cost estimate tool now accounts for the flight duration in calculating the estimated travel costs for all flights. This means more accurate cost estimate calculations, balancing cost, travel class, stopovers and flight time to align with the flights your employees will actually be booking.
02/2019 Topia Manage: UX updates
With this release, Topia Manage begins an ongoing visual modernization.  This includes a streamlined header and left menu navigation, which increases overall legibility. Stay tuned for more cool new changes coming throughout 2019.
02/2019 Topia Plan and Pay: Tax Engine
The tax engine release includes 2019 Rate updates to Income and Social Security taxes.  These updates are available in both the monthly or annual tax engine. Annual tax engine updates include the addition of two supported countries, Jordan and Lebanon in addition to enhancements to core tax engine calculations for Local and Permanent Transfer tax methodologies, Gross Up calculation tax credits, and improved current cost estimate income determination.
02/2019 Topia Go: Topia Manage Integration and Content
Topia Go now has an improved integration with Topia Manage for City Guides, Office Pages, and neighborhood search.  In addition, we’ve added Berlin as a city with neighborhood-level search, and updated City Guide content for San Francisco, London and New York.
12/2018 Topia Plan: Deferred Compensation
Topia’s Deferred Compensation feature, an add-on to our Topia Plan cost estimate and scenario planning tool, helps customers to accurately estimate the cost of deferred compensation relating to an assignment, including grossed up tax costs. Deferred compensation plans, both cash and equity, are configured into Topia's platform, including the specific vesting schedules.
03/2018 Topia Move: HR Experience

The new HR Experience provides an easy-to-use centralized overview of mobility program insights (e.g. mobile population, To Do list for HR, which includes any pending tasks for the logged-in user). These include at-a-glance the real-time status on in-progress moves, complete priority tasks and access common functions all from the home page.

03/2018 Integrations: Fragomen
The Fragomen integration provides a unified view of all key immigration information in the Topia platform. Compliant with immigration policies, teams can create immigration cases from within Topia, receive automatic updates on the cases’ progression to different workflow milestones, and import visa and residency documents from Fragomen.

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