Wednesday, February 27th at 10:00 am GMT

How we “work” is changing. The ever increasing rate of technology change, including the threat/opportunity of AI, is forcing organisations to examine their talent strategy.

This includes how companies attract, retain, develop, re-skill and redeploy talent in a world where an employee’s team, project and manager may be subject to change on a regular basis. If organisations want to operate with agility then it requires having a people centred culture that creates value quickly and in new ways from today - but are employees (at all levels) ready for this change and are the structures in place to support them?

In this webinar HR Thought Leader Chris Litherland as he discusses the considerations agile organisations must make in order to empower and enable employees in the future of work. Attendees will hear more on:

  • Changing expectations for the future workforce and the key elements for organisations to consider including learning, development, engagement/ retention, flexibility of working
  • Leveraging Talent Mobility as a strategic choice to meet the needs of the business while delivering on the expectations of employees for growth and learning
  • How to focus on the “human factors” and using “technology” as an enabler
  • Applying design thinking to establish fit for purpose policies & processes to meet the demands of employees.

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