Topia Pay increases efficiency through automation. Topia Pay leverages technology and service support to provide you with accurate, detailed payroll instructions and compensation reporting while simplifying the complexities of processing payroll for mobile employees wherever they are.

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Streamline business processes and improve accuracy


Ensure payroll & compensation compliance


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe & secure


Key Features

  • Built on our proprietary tax engine

  • Configured to meet customer payroll requirements

  • Pay code mapping to local chart of accounts inbound & outbound

  • Robust payroll and compensation reporting

  • Total compensation auditing

  • Integrations with local payrolls

  • Pairs with Topia Manage

Automate your payroll and compensation process

To accomplish accurate payroll and compensation, an organization must ensure all elements of pay, both cash and non-cash, are recorded accurately to maintain regulatory compliance. By leveraging our highly configurable technology, with sophisticated logic and automation, your payroll and compensation are processed instantly and with far greater accuracy than performing manually.

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We pair technology and service

Topia’s experienced payroll team can manage your end-to-end payroll and compensation processing needs. Global Payroll Analysts validate all inputs and outputs from the Topia system resulting in accurate and timely global payroll processing. Regularly scheduled compensation audits are reported ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Our secure and flexible solution is configured to your needs

Payroll and Compensation with Topia is uniquely configured to your program needs. Your pay codes, your locations, integrating with your payment providers, and data and reporting when you need it. Because processing payroll involves significant personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring that information is safe and secure is paramount. At Topia, we take the safety and security of your data seriously and, therefore, we have never failed a security audit.

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Topia has been a key partner for us for many years. Their ability to understand and articulate our path to success has been invaluable.

Jeff Bryson
Global HR Director
Superior Energy Services, Inc.